Here is an example. Consider an item composed of 3 item cards:

  1. The card of the top (with the die) has an effect applicable for your upcoming action.
  2. Second card has no applicable effect.
  3. Third card has an applicable effect.

==> During the Action phase:

  1. The item is activated for the last time. The die is removed, but the cards are temporarily kept. You choose the effect(s) to trigger, for example, the one from card #1.
  2. You continue to resolve the action as usual (Cost, Result, Skill).
  3. At the Discard step, the 3 cards of the composed item are discarded (into the Past or the Discard pile, depending on the color of the back of the card).
  4. At the Hand Size Limit step, the removed item leaves an empty space in your inventory.