If you did not pledge for at least one full Collector’s Edition during the Kickstarter campaign, the price for the Collector's Edition in the pledge manager will be 77€, and the price for the Gameplay All-in pledge in the Pledge Manager will be 127€. This applies to both 1€ pledges and late pledges (no pledge on KS at all).

If you pledged for the Collector's Edition during the Kickstarter, you will be able to upgrade to the Gameplay All-in pledge in the Pledge Manager for the same price that is offered in this campaign (119€).

If you pledged for at least one Collector's Edition during the campaign, you will be eligible to add up to 2 additional Collector's Edition and/or Gameplay All-in pledges at the same price (69€ and 119€ respectively) in the Pledge Manager, for a total of 3 copies of the game.

Optional buys will be the same price in the Pledge Manager regardless of your pledge during the Kickstarter.