Here you will find some advice to help you (SPOILERS inside!)

  1. The Voracious Goddess
    Find the Voracious Goddess and she will “tell” you what to do. Pay attention to the purple flag on the Clue card – it is key to solve the curse.
  2. The Bloody Hunt
    Search the continent for Akecha’s totems and make sure to be well-prepared before you flush out your (sometimes well “hidden”) prey.
  3. An Offering to the Guardians
    Look out for paved roads, pray to statues and keep in mind that knowledge is power!
  4. The Dark Chest of the Damned
    Arm yourself with the proper Items/Skills/Advanced Skills to open the chest.
  5. The Icy Maze
    Always keep going more North and build up supplies along the way.
  6. The Forbidden Sanctuary
    Follow the wind (it blows on certain Terrain cards) and make sure to gain “050” cards (see the back of the Clue card), especially by using your “Examine the Notes” Skill.
  7. Swamp of Madness
    Come heavily prepared or else you’re just doomed!