A Pledge Manager allows you to manage your contribution towards the project and the rewards you’ll receive. 

We will send you an invitation by email. You will need to create a login on the Pledge Manager website. Once you have done that, you will be able to:

  • Choose the language in which you wish to receive the game.
  • Tell us which optional buys you want to purchase with any extra money from your pledge.
  • Make additional purchases if you wish.
  • Confirm your postal address and pay for shipping.

Please bear in mind that we will only be using the information given to us through the Pledge Manager; we do not have access to information in your Kickstarter account.  

You must create an account on the Pledge Manager website, select your game language, provide your mailing address, and pay for shipping. If you do not complete this process, we will be unable to ship your pledge to you.